Ladies European Tour

Ich bin im Jahr 2022 Mitglied der Ladies European Tour, der höchsten Turnierserie für Damen in Europa. Turniere finden weltweit statt. Neben Turnieren in Afrika, Australien oder Asien stehen auch etliche Turniere in Europa auf dem Programm.


Gut 33 Events gibt es im Jahr 2022 - so viele wie noch nie! Es gilt, so viele Punkte wie möglich zu sammeln und Preisgeld zu erspielen.


Unterstützt mich dabei. Mehr Infos zu den Turnieren gibt es unter Turniere oder auf der Website der Ladies European Tour.


Unterstützer und Sponsoren sind gern gesehen. Werdet dazu Mitglied von TeamLui. Nähere Informationen gibt es unter Kontakt oder per E-Mail an TeamLui@luisa-dittrich.com

LET Access Series

Auf der Range Tour School Marokko
Range der Lalla Aicha Tour School im Dezember 2017, Palm Golf Ourika, Marrakech, Marokko

Ich bin außerdem Mitglied der LET Access Series, der zweithöchsten Turnierserie in Europa. Turniere finden europaweit statt. Von Finnland im Norden bis Spanien im Süden, von Großbritannien im Westen bis Tschechien im Osten.


Gut 15 Events stehen im Jahr 2022 auf dem Programm. Es gilt auch hier, so viele Punkte wie möglich zu sammeln. Unterstützt mich dabei. Mehr Infos zu den Turnieren gibt es unter Turniere und Erfolge oder auf der Website der LET Access Series


Unterstützer und Sponsoren sind gern gesehen. Werdet dazu Mitglied von TeamLui. Nähere Informationen gibt es unter Kontakt oder per E-Mail an TeamLui@luisa-dittrich.com


Golf Champion Nord-Deutschland


  • Norddeutsche Meisterin 2015

How To: Ladies European Tour

Luisa Dittrich Golf LET Tour School Tee 1
Tee 1 der Lalla Aicha Tour School 2017

Im jahr 2022 habe ich es geschafft und mich für die Ladies European Tour qualifiziert!


Mein Ziel ist es, dauerhaft auf der Ladies European Tour (LET) zu spielen - Europas erste Liga im Damengolf.


Verfolgt meine aktuelle Position nach den jeweiligen Turnieren auf den Seiten der Ladies European Tour und der LET Access Series oder auch unter Aktuelles.

Successful Q-School - LET Member 2022

Luisa Dittrich auf dem Abschlag - Bahn 7 - Ladies European Tour - LET Q-School 2021 - La Manga Golf Club, South Course

What a thriller! Ladies European Tour (LET) Q-School 2022. 8. December 2021 to 20. December 2021 - nine rounds of Golf (Pre-Qualifier: 4 rounds, Final Qualifier: 5 rounds). Venue: La Manga Golf Club, Spain.


It was this time of the year - Luisa's quest for a LET Tour membership continued at the 2022 LET Tour School. More than 150 players in the Pre-Qualifier - first step: Finish inside the Top 75 to go through to the Final Qualifier and for a chance to receive a LET Tour Card for the 2022 season. Solid Golf over 4 rounds, +3, +3, even Par, +3, was enough to secure a spot in the Final Qualifier, 3 Shots clear of the Cut-Line. 


After one day of rest and another two practice rounds the Final Qualifier commenced with 125 players - now including those players from 2021 LET Tour who were not able to finish in the Top-80 of the previous season as well as the 75 players that made it though the Pre-Qualifier. Another 4 rounds were to be played, followed by a Cut, leaving the Top-65 players to compete for the LET Tour Cards in the final round. 


Luisa got off to a bad start in the first two rounds. The putts just wouldn't go in. Very good shots were simply not rewarded on the greens (only one birdie in 2 rounds) and some annoying three-putts were not adding to the level of confidence. The rounds of 76 (North Course, +5) and 77 (South Course, +4) made it seem unlikely that Luisa would be able to reach the Top-50 and therefore be eligible for Category 15 Membership in the 2022 LET. But giving up is simply not an option...


Every day Luisa was the last on the putting green to improve her speed control on the difficult greens at LaManga Golf Club. She only left after there was no daylight left. And in round three it started to pay off.


With a total of five birdies Luisa was able to turn things around with a 69 (-2), leaving her at a total of +7 heading into the fourth round, two shots outside the Top-65 which would allow her to play the final round. Starting round 4 with a birdie fired up hope, which seemed to be shattered after a water ball on the Par-3 third hole resulting in a triple-bogey. But Luisa's mental strength allowed her to continue to stick with the game plan and the improved putting in very windy, sometimes stormy conditions led to more birdies, leaving Luisa just one shot outside the Cut-Line with 3 holes to play. Then, a sneaky, downhill, 12-foot putt brought the needed Birdie! Cut made - on the number!


Final round, 3 shots behind the Top-50 spot. What else to do then give it your best? Making the turn at -1 raised the hopes. Pressure was rising when Luisa hit an enormous drive on the Par-5 6th hole, allowing to reach the well-guarded green in two. But it was to turn out way different than expected: Luisa caught the next one very heavy due to a downhill-lie which saw the ball bouncing way in front of a creek guarding the green. But the direction was perfect: The ball rolled over a tiny bridge and came to rest in front of the green-side bunker. A sigh of relief, then a great pitch and putt, birdie!


On to the last hole of 2022 Q-School. According to the live scoring, a Par was needed to secure a spot in the Top-50. Filled with adrenalin, the approach went over the green, ending up in an extremely difficult spot. But Luisa came up with a fabulous flop shot that almost went in, leaving a mere tap-in to secure a T-39 Finish! What a day, what a round of Golf!


Next year: Ladies European Tour! A great achievement and we are all excited for Luisa's Rookie-season! Keep your fingers crossed that Luisa gets the chance to participate in many tournaments! The Category 15 will hopefully get her some starts on the Tour. Stay tuned for more to come in 2022! 



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