About Luisa Dittrich

Finish Tee Shot German Golfer
Luisa Dittrich at the Santander Golf Tour, Spain

Luisa's statement:


We all know about the clichés of Golf. "It's not a sport", "Golf is boring", or even "Golf is not a sport" are only a few sentences that we here quite often. However, every golfer knows that these statements are simply false.


I have started to commit to the game and to love the sport when I was 16. Ever since I compete in tournaments, practice a lot and have worked hard to get where I am now: I am a professional golfer! Sweat and tears, injuries and setbacks have paved my way, but even more so lots of fun and success, motivation and positive beliefs.


I did not play for a college, was not supported by a national team nor a similar organisation. Nonetheless, I have fought my way through. And: I have made it! I am a member of the Ladies European Tour, also competing in events of the Santander Tour in Spain and on the Ladies European Tour Access Series (LETAS).



I was able to finish 39th in the LET Q-School 2022 and am now aiming to play as many tournaments on the LET as possible in order to establish myself as a permanent member in the upcoming years.


By playing golf professionally I want to improve the game of golf for women and girls not only in Germany, but in all of Europe. Golf professional is not only a dream job, but also a perfect hobby for everybody. It is important to me to improve the image of golf and I am working hard to have an impact on that development."